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Certification accredited by PTIB

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Climbing the famous Stawamus Chief in Squamish requires knowledge and training beyond the average person’s skill set. In this course students learn to become competent climbers able to navigate this type of terrain.

Following the ACMG/IFMGA curriculum, students will be educated to Level 1 CGI Top-Rope Guide. In addition to classroom sessions, outdoor lab trainings in Squamish are required to complete the course work.


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Students enrolled in the full Rock Guide Training Program.

  • Crack climbing and face climbing
  • Multi-pitch rock climb
  • Outdoor leadership and group management
  • Belay escapes techniques
  • Safety and risk management
    As per ACMG course specification the course outcome is:
  • Demonstrate a variety of rock climbing techniques such as crack climbing, face climbing, etc.
  • Competent in the mechanics of descent
  • Knowledgeable in the fundamentals of outdoor leadership and group management as they relate to rock guiding
  • Understand and utilize knowledge of protecting a lead climber, devices used, and when to apply them
  • Determining and planning a multi-pitch rock climb
  • Showcase belaying and belay escapes techniques
  • Develop lesson plans for teaching presentations to instruct guided clients
  • Ability to use and knowledge of the types, applications, and care of rock climbing equipment
  • Create safety requirements for guided rock climbing activities
  • Generate risk management protocols and safety for clients
  • Capable of resource management, familiarity with agencies and the permitting process as it pertains to rock climbing

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