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Certification accredited by PTIB

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The Rock Guide Level 3 course prepares students for the ACMG guide-level testing.

The curriculum will focus on the skill sets required to apply to the ACMG assistant rock guide exam. The course covers rescue systems, advanced anchors, multi-pitch techniques, multiple client management, climbing ability and leadership.


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Students enrolled in the full Rock Guide Training Program.

  • Guiding clients with professionalism
  • Climbing and multi-pitch techniques
  • Advanced anchors, securing clients and rope selection
  • Route selection and navigation
  • Risk management and hazard assessment
  • Rescue methods, techniques and management
As per ACMG course specification the course outcome is:
  • Explain safety protocols, protection placement and multi-directional anchor
  • Demonstrate the ACMG rescue system
  • Employ Basic lowering and brake systems for guide/client rappels
  • Demonstrate multi-pitch ascents and descents with emphasis on guide techniques
  • Demonstrate lead climbing for technical climbs
  • Employ balance, control and fluid movement during climbs
  • Explain the fundamentals of outdoor leadership and group management as they relate to rock guiding
  • Execute lesson plans for teaching presentations to instruct guided clients
  • Select safety requirements for guided rock climbing activities
  • Interpret risk management protocols and safety for clients
  • Interpret resource management, familiarity with agencies and the permitting process as it pertains to rock climbing

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