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One of the best courses of its sort, a comprehensive Wilderness First Responder course (80 hrs) teaches students patient management for extended time periods when medical assistance is out of reach and includes essential principles and skills required to assess and manage medical problems in isolated and extreme environments.


(for non Bike Guide Training Program Students)

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The individual interested in backcountry or wilderness activities and first aid requirements in remote areas. Additionally, employees of adventure based companies or guides that are required to have the 80hrs WFR course.

  • Detect and assess risks commonly associated with backcountry travel
  • Recognize signs and symptoms for common backcountry injuries and illnesses
  • Administer appropriate medical care with equipment available for common injuries and illnesses
  • Demonstrate appropriate treatment and evacuation procedures for patients in isolated areas
  • Differentiate between various medical illnesses and injuries that may occur with backcountry travel
  • Develop treatment plans for injuries and illnesses covered in course materials and scenarios presented in class
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using, non-conventional equipment for packaging and transporting patients

To correctly assess, analyze and be able to act on a variety of medical situations with limited and often unconventional equipment and resources often in backcountry environment.

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