My Whistler Adventure School Experience

Lore, hailing from Mexico, has journeyed to Canada and is now eager to share her inspiring story with us. Join us as we immerse ourselves in her captivating experiences. If you’ve ever dreamed of studying abroad in Canada, Lore’s journey shows that it could very well be your reality too. 

A Canadian Dream Begins

My first journey to Canada began in 2015 when I visited a friend in Whistler. As I stepped off the plane, a scent of maple syrup filled the air, a charming welcome that I’ll never forget. The moment the doors opened to reveal the vibrant city of Vancouver, I was captivated, instantly knowing that a few weeks would not be enough in this enchanting country. Yet, it was in Whistler where my awe truly deepened, and I realized the adventure had only just begun.

The Whistler Adventure School Discovery

For years, the thought of moving to Canada lingered in the back of my mind. Initially, it seemed an impossible dream, but in late 2019, two friends shared their experiences of relocating here, rekindling my dormant aspiration. One of them introduced me to Whistler Adventure School (WAS), a haven for learning diverse skills while embracing the thrill of outdoor sports. That was the moment I dared to believe that my Canadian dream might be within reach.

Embracing a New Chapter

It’s been a year since I arrived in Canada. Initially, my focus was on advancing my downhill biking career, but soon I yearned for more. I realized that if I was committing to such a significant change, I should fully immerse myself in the experience and learn something valuable. After careful consideration, I chose WAS for its perfect blend of digital marketing education and the flexibility to pursue my training and racing passions.

Settling into Whistler Life

Arriving in Whistler was a mix of excitement and uncertainty. I came alone, knew only a handful of people, and was unfamiliar with the area. However, things quickly fell into place. Within two weeks, I secured a job and began classes at WAS, where I started forging connections and understanding the unique vibe of this place. The Marketing and Media Management course struck the right balance between digital marketing and content creation, aligning perfectly with my goals.

Founding Wimok: A Journey of Wildlife Conservation

A few years ago, I founded Wimok, a non-profit dedicated to wildlife conservation. Originating in my home country, Wimok primarily catered to a Latin audience, but I aspired to broaden its reach. WAS’s curriculum offered the perfect opportunity to enhance my content creation skills for a global audience. The first part of the course solidified my foundation and helped me identify international targets. The subsequent photography and videography lessons were transformative, teaching me to capture and edit professional-quality images and videos – skills that are invaluable for my work with Wimok.

Balancing Work, Study, and Passion

Balancing my job, studies, and Wimok became a fulfilling endeavor. During summers, I worked as a Jeep guide on bear-watching tours, educating visitors about wildlife coexistence. This role provided an excellent platform to practice my newly acquired photography and videography skills. With guidance from Phill, our instructor, I learned to enhance the quality of my wildlife captures. I’m excited to share these moments with you on our Instagram @wimok_org!

Life in the Whistler Bubble

Life in Whistler is an exhilarating whirlwind. Time seems to fly, yet I manage to juggle studies, work, and social life seamlessly. Whistler truly is a bubble where you can do it all. My summers were a blend of early morning work, tours, lake outings, and dinner with friends. On other days, I attended morning classes, conducted tours, and still had time to enjoy with friends. Weekends were reserved for paragliding or biking – the perfect end to action-packed weeks.

“Many have asked if I would recommend this experience. My answer is an emphatic YES. It might seem daunting at first, but it’s an enriching journey that teaches you immensely.” 

A Heartfelt Recommendation

Many have asked if I would recommend this experience. My answer is an emphatic YES. It might seem daunting at first, but it’s an enriching journey that teaches you immensely. Whether you plan to stay for a few months or years, you’ll experience a lifestyle that’s both mind-blowing and transformative. Whistler is a melting pot of fascinating individuals – top athletes, renowned photographers, and nature enthusiasts. The cultural and linguistic diversity here broadens your perspectives, enriches your understanding of different cultures, and offers varied viewpoints and ideas.


The Value of Education in Adventure

However, my biggest piece of advice is this: STUDY. If you’re committing to the journey to Canada, enrich it by learning something new. Just engaging in sports, while fun, isn’t enough. Studying at Whistler Adventure School is a wise choice. The school understands the lifestyle of riders and athletes, offering flexible schedules that allow you to balance education with your sporting passions.

Good luck to everyone!