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Our Students Create
Artistry in Entrepreneurship


Maddi creates unique work inspired by what she loves! Nature, the ocean and so much more.

Maddi is a current Marketing Media Manager student, and she’s executing everything she’s learning into her new business! Maddi is an artist that can translate the fluidity and harmony she sees into creative art forms.

“My work is an explorationĀ of numerous detailed and delicateĀ lines, drawn layer by layer until they form trees, flowers and waves.

I am not simply drawing landscapes,Ā however, but using lines to describeĀ the essential harmony I see inĀ nature, the universe and in the human being. StartingĀ with blank paper and a simple pen, then I beginĀ drawing.”Ā 

Check out her website and artwork!

Students inĀ Class?Ā You bet!

Our students enjoying the outdoors during their Ski/Snowboard Guide Training at Wendy Thompson Hut.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Papa (IG @aroundwithale)