⚙️ Taking out the Bike Gear

The school is buzzing, the snow is melting and the bikes are jumping! That pretty much sums up Whistler!

We are excited to re-share our new Instagram Live Series. Shelley will be discussing what it’s like living in Whistler, the culture and the type of student that would love it here!  This live is meant to be a short segment that offers enough time to answer your questions.

Join us April 27th at 10 am PDT (Vancouver Time) for our first Instagram Live!
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Dog collars

Side-Hustles Happen to Those Who Know How to #LiveLearnPlay

Featuring Maria’s Collars. Beautiful, unique and culturally rich collars for your dog.What is Whistler Adventure School All About?

Maria and Emilio used their knowledge acquired through their Marketing and Media Manager Diploma at WAS and a bit of furry inspiration to create a business they are passionate about.
Read more about their journey and their business.

From Mexico to Snow Whistler. It’s all Smiles!

Moving from Mexico to Snowy Whistler    

Eunice made the huge leap to move from Mexico to study at Whistler Adventure School and take the Marketing Media Manager Diploma. She shared some of her Whistler experience with us!
Photo Credit: Eunice Escobar Macias

A Peak Inside the Bike Mechanic Course

At Whistler Adventure School, our students have some amazing skills. Stefano is taking the Mountain Sport Technician Diploma program and he made this epic video of his Bike Mechanic course!

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