Moving from Mexico to Earn a Marketing Media Manager Diploma

An International School Experience

WAS Student Series

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As a school that welcomes International and national post secondary students to Whistler, each student has a story about why they chose Whistler Adventure School to continue their studies. Leaving your home to go to school is a huge step, but leaving to study in a new country with different cultures and a foriegn native language from your home country is a step that is backed up by strong commitment and passion.

The first time that I heard about Whistler Adventure School was from a studies agency that brings students from other countries to live the “Canada’s experience” while studying and learning something new. That’s when they introduced me to WAS. My first impression from the website was “Wow, they really have many cool programs and IN WHISTLER?!” I was immediately interested in studying in a school that gives classes outdoors! The program that I chose was Marketing & Media Manager because I wanted to learn about the marketing world. Mainly because back in my city in Mexico my parents own a bike shop, so learning marketing would come in handy for sure! 

When I first arrived in Whistler my excitement grew exponentially! After a long wait, and lots of paperwork, I was finally living my dream! My brother accompanied me on my first day. We went to see where the school was, took a walk around the village and got everything ready for the beginning. 

After that everything went smoothly and amazingly. I met the WAS staff who were super lovely, super helpful and knowledgeable! The school has everything you need, updated equipment and computers and clean. One thing that I loved about the school were the schedules, they give you a lot of free time to work, do your school/own projects or go explore Whistler and all its wonders. 

I was pretty lucky when I found my ideal job a week after my arrival. I started working in a bike rental shop called Gateway Bikes.  This job was ideal for me because I already had experience working with bikes and I could keep learning more about them.For my co-op course, I was able to land a position doing what I loved, working with bikes, and using my new skills to help the business. I was offered a job as a Marketing and Rental assistant, this helped me fulfill all my co-op requirements for the whole summer!  At school, I learned the theoretical part of how to use social media, digital marketing, event planning, photography, photo editing, videography and video editing, and then put it to practice at my job. Perfect!

When winter arrived, I dare to say this was my favourite part! Not only did I learn all about skiing and snowboarding while working at a rental shop called Spicy Sports Whistler, but I kept practicing my social media marketing skills, uploading plenty of stories to the shop’s instagram and perfecting my skills using all the camera functions to take high quality photos and videos! This is something that I’ve always wanted to learn about practice. Photography, photo editing, videography and video editing were definitely my favourite courses. Now that I have a solid understanding of perspectives, editing,  I look forward to keeping practicing and improving my camera skills!

My decision of move to Whistler to study at Whistler Adventure School was the best decision I have ever made! I can’t express how grateful I am! I grew personally, gained so much knowledge, made some really good friends. 

Now that I am going back home, I’m definitely going to let everyone know about my experience so my friends can also have such an awesome lifetime experience!

Marketing, Media Manager Alumni
Home Country: Mexico.

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Photo Credit: Eunice Escobar