Gap Year

Gap Year, Learning Year or Learning for Life.

This is an opportunity for you! Instead of rushing into your next phase of life, take a pause and seek out your true passion. Whether you are in high school, university, college, or even perhaps simply taking a gap year it is a unique time to seek out a new career path.

This is an opportunity for you! Instead of rushing into your next phase of life, take a pause and seek out your true passion. WAS is an accredited private institution under PTIB.

In business, we call this a pivot. You had set plans that have now shifted, requiring you to evaluate your available options, leading you to pivot in a different direction. Below are some new Career Training Programs that are still accepting applications for the 2024/2025 or 2025/2026 years!

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Opportunities at Whistler Adventure School

Post-High School Exploration

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime right after high school. Whistler Adventure School offers diverse programs that allow you to explore various fields, discover your passions, and gain practical skills before committing to a university path.

Career Break Enrichment

Take a career break to reinvigorate your professional journey. Enroll in courses at Whistler Adventure School to develop new skills, explore different industries, and bring fresh perspectives to your career.

Post-University Hands-On Experience

Enhance your academic knowledge with practical skills post-university. Whistler Adventure School provides hands-on programs that complement your degree and prepare you for real-world challenges.

Anytime Learning Opportunity

With rolling admissions, you can start learning at Whistler Adventure School anytime throughout the year. This flexibility allows you to seize educational opportunities that fit your schedule and life circumstances.

Skill Diversification

Use your gap year to diversify your skill set. Whistler Adventure School offers a variety of programs in outdoor recreation, technology, and creative arts, ensuring you gain valuable skills that are applicable in multiple career paths.

Global Networking and Cultural Experience

Meet like-minded individuals from around the world while studying at Whistler Adventure School. This experience not only enhances your educational journey but also broadens your cultural understanding and global network.

Adventure and Education Combined

Combine adventure with education in the picturesque setting of Whistler. Whether you’re passionate about outdoor activities or looking to develop new hobbies, Whistler Adventure School provides a unique blend of learning and adventure.

Sabbatical for Personal Growth

Take a sabbatical to focus on personal growth and development. Whistler Adventure School’s programs are designed to help you build confidence, learn new skills, and discover new interests in a supportive environment.

Entrepreneurial Skill Building

Develop entrepreneurial skills and business acumen through specialized programs at Whistler Adventure School. This opportunity is perfect for those looking to start their own business or enhance their entrepreneurial mindset.

Gap Year for Passion Projects

Dedicate your gap year to working on passion projects. Whistler Adventure School provides the resources, mentorship, and environment needed to bring your creative ideas to life, whether in arts, technology, or outdoor pursuits.

Embrace the chance to pivot, explore, and learn for life with Whistler Adventure School.

Whistler Adventure School Benefits over Universities and Colleges

Whistler Adventure School (WAS) is a career school offering professional, and life skills to small groups of students. With a rolling admission program, you can start almost anytime during the year. Plan to learn a new skill, earning credits that are attributed to your University or College program. Some programs such as Adventure Tourism Summer or Adventure Tourism Winter Program offers the ability to condense your learning into 6-months.  

Whistler Adventure School (WAS) is a career school offering professional and life skills to small groups of students. With a rolling admission program, you can start almost anytime during the year. Plan to learn a new skill while earning credits that can be applied to your University or College program.

Our programs include Marketing Media Management, Mountain Sport Technician, offer a one year program whereas our Adventure Tourism Winter and Adventure Tourism Summer programs enables you to condense your learning into a 6 month period. Additionally, our Ski/Snowboard Guide Training Program teaches you essential backcountry skills in the Whistler Mountains, while our Bike Guide Training program prepares students to lead guiding groups in the backcountry.

Embrace the opportunity to grow, learn, and explore at Whistler Adventure School.

Key Benefits of our Career Programs

Learn Real Life Skills

  • Follow Your Passion: Take a course or program that has always interested you. Whether you wish to learn bike mechanics, build your own snowboard or skis, experiential leadership and guiding , videography  or Ski/Snowboard Guide Training, you can take that next step toward your chosen career!
  • Small Interactive Classes: Our post-secondary school focused on intimate one-on-one class learning.  
  • RESP: As an accredited school, Canadians can use their Registered Education Saving Plan towards our programs.
  • Industry Professionals: Our instructors live their life skills. They know and teach the skills you need. They share their experiences that help you learn from their real life stories!
  • Resort town of Whistler: Say no more! You can live your next year in the beautiful mountain town of Whistler, British Columbia. Learn your skills, meet new friends, enjoy the downhill and cross country bike trails, skiing, and snowboarding available on Whistler Blackcomb Mountains. Enjoy the wilderness surrounding this picturesque town.

“There were two considerations that were crucial in choosing a career program for myself: location and relevance. Whistler Adventure School met both of those with the Media and Marketing program. The strategically curated course program layered onto my career in marketing, offering new tools for me to use in Photography and Videography. And with the school being located in Whistler, it provided the perfect setting to not only take advantage of the vast outdoor playground, but to apply the program skills in the industry I’m passionate about, outdoor tourism.”

– Dani, Marketing & Media Diploma Graduate