Finding Somewhere To Live

Moving to a new place can be daunting, in particular finding somewhere to live. WAS understands this and we want to offer some tips to help you once you arrive in Whistler.

As it can be challenging to find housing before you arrive, WAS  recommends booking at least the first month in Whistler at the HI Hostel or somewhere similar (a B&B or inexpensive hotel option – see the list below).

HI Hostel Whistler also prioritizes WAS students in their Work-For-Stay program. WAS students can apply to be part of this program to help to ease the stress of looking for a place to live and a job in your first month or two, while also easing financial obligations in the first month.  Students need to apply approximately 3 months prior to their arrival. Expectations will be to work in the Hostel for approximately 10 hours per week to cover accommodation costs + 10 hours per week paid. See this link for details:

If you are registered and have applied for this program, be sure to let your WAS advisor know so that we can follow-up.

Please also read the ‘where to look for housing’ content and start your search prior to arriving in Whistler.

Housing Recommendation

Where to look for housing?

  • Pique Newspaper Online
  • Facebook
  • Craigslist
  • Airbnb

WAS recommends the following two accommodation providers for short-term stay upon arrival. Reason why WAS recommends the Whistler HiHostel and Whistler Athlete Center, they both have the benefits of providing:

  • walking distance to school
  • affordable rates
  • a social environment to meet like-minded people
  *See links below

Hosteling International Canada (HI) Whistler Hostel

Address: 1035 Legacy Way, Whistler, BC V0N 1B1
Phone: (778) 328 2220

Whistler Sports Legacy Athlete Centre

Address: 1080 Legacy Way, Whistler, BC, V0N1B1
Phone: (604) 964 0052

Pangea Pod Hotel

Address: 4333 Sunrise Alley, Whistler Village, BC  V8E 1M7
Phone: (604) 962-1011

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