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Official Holidays

Christmas & New Year
December break: December 23rd – Jan 6th
BC Family Day: Second Monday in February
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Victoria Day: Monday before May 25th
Labour Day: First Monday in September             National Reconciliation Day September 30 2021
Thanksgiving: Second Monday in October
Remembrance Day: Second Monday in November

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Students are required to obtain medical insurance before traveling to Canada. Accidents and unexpected illness can occur at any time. Having insurance in place before you leave home is the best way to protect yourself. Students who are participating in Whistler’s famous adventurous outdoor activities are especially at risk.

Medical insurance coverage is mandatory for all residents of British Columbia. WAS provides information and assistance by helping students to secure access to provincial healthcare or by connecting students with a suitable insurance provider.

Proof of medical insurance coverage is mandatory for all students prior to course registration, and must be maintained while attending the school. All students are expected to maintain valid medical insurance for the duration of their studies.

The school is not liable for any medical or dental expenses. Students from outside British Columbia, particularly international students, must obtain medical insurance to provide them with coverage for the first 90 days upon arrival in Canada. This 90-day waiting period is required by the BC government in order to process the student’s application for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) and is governed by the BC MSP Act. The BC MSP card becomes effective 90 days after your arrival in BC and the temporary Visitors to Canada medical insurance expires accordingly. Students from other Canadian provinces must also obtain BC MSP, and should check with their respective provincial medical services plan to verify what coverage would apply until they receive their new BC MSP card.

It is the responsibility of individual students to apply for:

1) Private Medical Insurance

2) BC Medical coverage (MSP)

Private medical insurance. In an effort to make it easy for international students to buy affordable medical insurance, Whistler Adventure School has made arrangements with a local insurance provider (Guard.Me) to offer students high quality and low cost health insurance designed for international students. To purchase private medical insurance and to view the complete policy please follow the link below.

Download the Guard Me Adventure Activities RiderGuard Me International Insurance

BC Medical Coverage. Residents of British Columbia are required to have coverage under the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents moving to BC from another Canadian Province or Territory must notify the Provincial Health Plan from their Home Province regarding your move to BC. 

  • Enrolment for MSP is not automatic. Students who will enroll for MSP should submit the MSP application shortly after arrival in BC.

  • Upon arrival in BC there is a 3-Month waiting period before MSP coverage can begin, so students applying for MSP must purchase private medical insurance for at least their first three (3) months in BC

BC Medical Coverage - Eligibility and Enrolment

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