Frequently Asked Questions

International students who receive their accepted study permits from IRCC are permitted to work on their study permit – part-time during academic periods and full-time during scheduled breaks.

Students taking a program with a CoOp work term will get an additional work permit to cover the number of hours required to complete for the CoOp work term.

Whistler is a busy and thriving resort community, and finding a place to live is one of the most challenging parts of the experience, but it is not impossible!

Many employers offer subsidized staff housing for their employees, so you can look for an employer who offers housing.

The most difficult time of year to find housing is at the beginning of the ski season late October through December) – but this is also a time that lots of employers are looking for staff, so you can look for a job that offers housing.  Alternatively, make sure to join the variety of FaceBook groups in Whistler where people host rooms for rent, jobs, etc (in FB, just search out groups starting with “Whistler…”

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