9 days


68 hours


Alpine Climbing Certificate

Certification accredited by PTIB

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The Alpine Climbing  course follows ACMG/IFMGA curriculum educating students on the fundamentals of mountaineering.  Students will hone basic climbing skills, understand basic travel techniques and gear selection. Course curriculum will focus on problem solving and decision making in the alpine environment.  Essential skills such as terrain selection, safe travel preparation and gear utilization skills will give students the ability to effectively use this information in the field for their clients.


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Students interested in an introductory course learning how to climb in the alpine. Students enrolled in the Adventure Tourism Summer Program.

  • Introduction into alpine mountaineering on rock, snow, ice, glacier
  • Climbing skills
  • Rope work and management
  • Belaying and rappelling
  • Anchors
  • Basic route planning, safety and travel
Will be able to reliably demonstrate the ability to perform or explain:
  • Demonstrate  decision-making process in mountaineering. 
  • Employ proper body skills and techniques. 
  • Select equipment for alpine climbing and mountaineering.
  • Demonstrate knots used when alpine climbing. 
  • Demonstrate the removal of protective devices. 
  • Plan and employ proper clothing and accessories for alpine climbing. 
  • Employ using and setting up various types of belay systems.
  • Demonstrate rappelling fundamentals and the use of  rappelling devices. 
  • Plan and assemble equipment for various mountaineering routes. 
  • Assess the various mountain hazards and plan climbing routes. 
  • Identify and model route finding, traveling on rock/snow/ice, and proper glacier travel and safety.
  • Employ ethical alpine climbing techniques and principles. 
  • Demonstrate and practice alpine rescue techniques.

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