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Certification accredited by PTIB

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With the level 3 Alpine Guide course students get prepared for ACMG guide-level testing. This course combines all previously learned skills and adds advanced alpine and rescue techniques, risk and safety management as well as the professional etiquette of guiding clients.


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Students enrolled in the full Alpine Guide Training Program.

  • Professionalism of guiding in alpine terrain
  • Backcountry travel, route setting and snow stability tests
  • Multi-pitch ascents and descents
  • Rescue methods and techniques
  • Securing clients and rope selection
  • Risk assessment and management
As per ACMG course specification the course outcome is:
  • Explain safety protocols, protection placement and multi-directional anchor
  • Demonstrate the ACMG rescue system
  • Employ Basic lowering and brake systems for guide/client rappels
  • Demonstrate multi-pitch ascents and descents with emphasis on guide techniques
  • Execute lesson plans for teaching presentations to instruct guided clients
  • Select safety requirements for guided alpine climbing activities
  • Interpret resource management, familiarity with agencies and the permitting process as it pertains to rock climbing
  • Plan and demonstrate equipment use for various mountaineering routes including assessment of the various mountain hazards and plan climbing routes
  • Demonstrate route finding, traveling on rock/snow/ice, and proper glacier travel and safety
  • Employ ethical alpine climbing techniques and principles

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