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Ever wondered how squeezing those little levers can haul you and your bike down to a standstill so quickly? Or have you felt your brakes just make a bunch of noise and let you careen into the woods at every corner? If you want to know more about your brakes and gain more confidence and control on your bike, this one day course is for you.

We will cover all aspects of mountain bike hydraulic braking systems found on modern mountain bikes. We’ll learn about the various components of a brake system and practice how to inspect, maintain and service the brakes on our bikes. Everything from brake pad wear and pad replacement, bleeding different brake systems, right up to caliper service and hose replacement will be taught and practiced by students.

The depth of each topic will be tailored to each students’ needs and comfort levels, so if you’re just starting out we’ll ensure you know the basics, and if you want to get more in-depth we’ll keep you challenged there too. Each course will combine approximately 25% lecture time, 25% demonstration time, and 50% practical application time.

3 Students

Please inquire for a custom course for you, your friends or your employees directly via email or phone.


Course Tuition Fee$167 CAD
Material Fee$25 CAD
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Students who seek knowledge about mountain bike brake systems.

  • Introduction of braking systems, their components and operation
  • Discussion of brake fluids and their properties
  • Installation, setup and adjustment of calipers, rotors and levers
  • System maintenance - cleaning and inspection
  • Pad and rotor inspection and replacement
  • Troubleshooting - system inspection and wear diagnosis of fluids, pads, rotors, pistons, seals
  • Bleeding - when, why and how. Bleeding processes and the tools required for each students’ braking systems
  • Component replacement - lever internals, pistons, hoses

Gain bike mechanic knowledge and skills when it comes to brakes. The skills learned in this course will provide a combination of home-based maintenance skills as well as trail-side application of those skills for mid-ride adjustments and repairs.

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