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“Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt, bzzt”. What the heck is that sound and why won’t it go away? Yep, that annoying tire rub sound is your bike trying to tell you something is failing and you need to stop and investigate! Is your wheel loose, or maybe your hub bearings? Or is your tire about to have a blowout sale and spray you with tire sealant?

This one day course looks at everything related to wheels and how to maintain them, diagnose and repair them, both at home and on the trail, to keep you safe and your bike running smoothly. Whether mtb or road, the same principles apply throughout this course, so if the road is more your thing, we’ve got you covered too.

The depth of each topic will be tailored to each students’ needs and comfort levels, so if you’re just starting out we’ll ensure you know the basics, and if you want to get more in-depth we’ll keep you challenged there too. Each course will combine approximately 25% lecture time, 25% demonstration time, and 50% practical application time.

3 Students

Please inquire for a custom course for you, your friends or your employees directly via email or phone.


Course Tuition Fee$167 CAD
Material Fee$25 CAD
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Students who seek knowledge about mountain bike wheels.

  • Introduction of wheels, their components and names
  • Review of wheel, hub and frame sizing standards
  • Wheel Removal and installation - different axles and how they function
  • Tire removal and installation
  • Tire selection - treads, casings, rubber compounds
  • Tubeless tire setup - tape, valves, sealants, compressed air
  • Trailside flat tire repair, including tubeless tire plugging
  • Hubs - inspection, adjustment, bearing service and replacement
  • Spokes and nipples - types, inspection, replacement
  • Rims - inspection, standards, types
  • Wheel truing - the four elements of wheel truing
  • Practice time
  • Trailside applications and tools

Gain bike mechanic knowledge and skills when it comes to wheels. The skills learned in this course will focus on a combination of home-based maintenance skills as well as trail-side application of those skills for mid-ride adjustments and repairs.

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