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Certification accredited by PTIB

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This course introduces students to the basic principles and techniques used for curating and maintaining mountain bike specific trails. The course provides a foundation in trail building and serves as an introduction to managing mountain bike trail facilities.

 Students will learn about the administrative and legislative elements that are required in order to undertake mountain bike trail construction, maintenance and conservation. Students will help local organizations with trail management and will coordinate volunteer groups for the development and maintenance of mountain bike trails.

 Students will be able to demonstrate  construction techniques and methods used to create and repair sections of all trail types as well as carry out risk assessment and trail side maintenance.

3 Students

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(for non-Mountain Sport Technician Program Students)

Course Tuition Fee Locals$1,600 CAD
Course Tuition Fee international$2,350 CAD
Text Book Fee$25 CAD
Design and Innovation Course supplement (applicable only if selected as part of D&I course selection)$600 CAD
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This course is ideal for students interested in the growing sport of Mountain Biking.  Whistler is a world leader in mountain bike culture and has one of the largest networks of bike trails in North America.  Learn how to build trails sustainably from the pros and work here in Whistler or take your new skills home with you to share in your community.

  • Explain Personal Protective Equipment needed for trail building
  • Demonstrate Tool Use and Care - non-powered and powered (cordless or gas powered).
  • Explain trail grading-Green, Blue, Black (advanced)
  • Discuss trail design elements and considerations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of drainage types and how to construct them.
  • Modification of trail faults and relevant repairs.
  • Explain the trail building permission process.
  • Explain local access, liability, civil and case law as well as disclaimers and volunteer help.
  • Demonstrate workflow models for trail building with safety of workers in practice.
  • Demonstrate proper trail building construction techniques.
  • Explain proper materials used in trail building.
  • Demonstrate risk assessment, report writing and record keeping.
Upon completion of this course the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

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