Cytech Training

Cytech is the internationally recognized training and accreditation scheme for bicycle technicians. On this Cytech certified course, their internationally curated syllabus is followed with successful students coming away with Cytech technical one – practical and Cytech technical two – group-set service and repair qualifications.

In the Whistler Adventure School Bicycle Mechanic Course students learn a solid foundation in all aspects of professional bicycle assembly and repair. Focus is put on professional bike mechanic skills including: drivetrain and brake installation and servicing, open and cartridge bearing servicing, wheel truing and wheelbuilding, suspension principles and service. Course content will focus on best-practices in repairs, customer service, and sales. This professional-level course is designed for students with limited or no bike shop experience, but who have some familiarity with bicycles and their components.

Core takeaway skills include learning and practicing the installation, maintenance and repairs of all common drivetrain, brake and wheel systems. This is accomplished through lectures, training manuals and videos, and plenty of ‘hands-on’ practice in the classroom. Advanced sections can include: wheel truing, wheel-building, suspension setup and service, and bike fitting theory and principles.

About Cytech

Cytech was created and is owned by the UK cycle industry via the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT). Since being developed over 30 years ago, over 19,000 courses and qualifications have been delivered to candidates in 30 countries around the world including staff working for some of the world’s leading bicycle distributors.

Cytech Technical One

Technical one is intended to be the minimum standard to which all mechanics should work and includes theory and practical training and assessment in the following areas:

Health & Safety
Workshop practices
Conforming to Manufacturing Standards
Pre-delivery inspection
Adjustment, set-up & frame alignment
Torque wrench settings
Lubricants & greases
Tyres & tubes
Consumer Protection Act

Cytech Technical Two

Cytech Technical Two

Intensive training and assessment covering the following topics:

Health & Safety in the workshop
Headsets, gears, rim brakes, hubs & bearings
Introduction to disc brakes and hydraulic bleeding
Internal hub gears
Wheel truing & spoke replacement
Wheel building

Retail Manufacturing Manager Program

The Bicycle Mechanic course is part of the Retail Manufacturing Manager Program.

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