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Whistler is The Neverland for Adults

A place where you make your work, your play!

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From sandy beaches in Mexico to powder snow in Whistler. What a life!


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Whistler has had the reputation of being known as the Neverland Whistler, where life decisions are based on hobbies and sports, not career. Now, Whistler has increased it’s population to just under 12,000 residents, and those ‘grown ups’ have figured out a way to get paid for what they love doing! Whether you love skiing, snowboarding, biking, climbing, videography or photography. 

Whistler offers the natural backdrop for you to carve out your own business or work for one of the many established businesses where the 20 cm rule is in full effect. If more than 20 cm fall over night, you are not to come into work until lunch! You must enjoy the snow, which typically means – hit the slopes!

At Whistler Adventure School we have the extreme privilege to have students from all scholastic disciplines from all around the world.

Meet Alan: Studying in the Marketing and Media Manager Program

Alan is a talented chef and photographer! He’s enrolled in the Marketing and Media Manager Program at WAS where he is focusing his skills in videography and photography. Alan moved to Whistler, B.C from Mexico. 

Below Alan provides us his view of Whistler and his experiences living in here and attending Whistler Adventure School.

What is life in Whistler like?

Friends, family and other relatives often ask me this question, the short answer has and will always be “Amazing”.

I came to Whistler in the summer of 2018 on vacation, fell in love with everything Whistler has to offer. Now, I’ve been here for more than a year and things couldn’t be better. The place itself is amazing, living in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, surrounded by nature,  has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. It’s not only its beautiful scenery that captured my attention, I love Whistler for its multiculturality! Being a resort town, Whistler attracts both tourists and temporary residents from all over the world! Whistler is small, just under 12,000 residents, this makes makes meeting people from all nationalities part of your daily routine. I have met so many amazing people from all over the globe, who adopt this place as their home away from home.   

I am an outdoors person, as far back as I can remember I needed to spend my time outside, moving and exploring. Whistler offers this and so much more! There are so many things to do that the hard part is choosing what new activity or what new sport you want to try. Since I arrived in Whistler, I have spent everyday outside exploring nature. In the winter you live in the biggest mountain resort in North America and during the summer you live in the best bike park of the world! Having the opportunity to practice mountain sports is something I would never have imagined living in Mexico. Last winter I went snowboarding 56 days in the season, and have just recently started downhill biking! I’ve been playing some cool new sports like frisbee golf and wiffle golf, spike ball and any other game I come across.

Enjoying everything Whistler has to offer!

Nature in Whistler makes every season is very definitive and unique, summer is sunny, fall is windy, in winter it snows and then spring gets warmer. Every season is a new opportunity to go out and shoot photos! The landscape makes every photo beautiful with nice composition. Living in Whistler is definitely lots of fun!

With the fun comes the challenges, living in Whistler comes with its share of challenges to deal with. The cost of living is expensive and housing is not easy. I think this makes sure that whomever is living in Whistler really wants to be in Whistler. The general mood of everyone is really laid back and friendly, the feeling you have when you are happy with your life situation. 

Living in Whistler is one of the greatest chapters in my life! It’s been a place where I have had the chance to grow in so many aspects of my life and enjoy it at its fullest. Whenever friends or family ask me what Whistler is like? I joke about calling it “Neverland” a paradise where grown ups have fun and play like kids forever, life in Whistler is simply amazing! 

Author: Alan Acosta, Marketing & Media Manager Program

If living the mountain life and gaining an education all at the same time sounds like your dream life, you can contact the admissions team here. They’ll be able to give you more insight on admission requirements, who to contact for Student Visas, and any other questions you might have. 

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