So magical, you may never want to leave!An Educational Agent visits WAS and is amazed.

No wonder education agencies around the world have Whistler Adventure School (WAS) on their radar and Pablo Quinteros, GrowPro Experience agent is no exception. WAS prides itself on its incredible location and its courses that educate and train those looking for a career in the mountains.

As the name suggests, Whistler Adventure School is based in the thriving mountain town of Whistler, British Columbia. Home to nearly 10,000 residents and it’s no surprise why; with some of the worlds best Skiing/Snowboarding and Mountain Biking terrain, Whistler is the perfect location for adventure seekers from all over the globe.

This summer Pablo Quinteros was given the opportunity from WAS to visit the school and Whistler itself from Mexico to see what all the fuss was about.

Whistler’s famous Mountains

The team at Whistler Adventure School had a full itinerary prepared for Pablo to both get to know the school and the students as well as experiencing what makes Whistler so wonderful.

Top on the list was visiting the towns’ namesake Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. Gondola and chairlift rides, awe-inspiring landscape views and course Whistler’s favourite locals- bears (!) were all part of getting to the new Cloudraker Bridge at the peak of Whistler Mountain, 12.5 metres above Whistler’s West Bowl, the bridge spans 130m from point to point and allows 360 degree views of the valley and surrounding mountains. “The feeling of walking across the bridge while looking at the valley thousands of feet below was insane!” Pablo’s take on the Cloudraker suspension bridge.

GrowProExperience Educational Agency on visit at WAS

Getting to know WAS from the staff and students
Top on Pablo’s personal to do list was to learn first hand how the school operates and the students’ experiences so far. A tour and Q and A session at WAS school’s base was highly informative for both parties and gave Pablo insight into the operations aspect of the school. Many of WAS’s courses offer Coop placements, real world experience in their field of study, an element of the courses always highly appreciated and valued by students. Pablo checked out local partners, Arts Whistler, Comor sports and Summit sports and had the chance to ask questions and hear stories from students about their experiences.

Living like a local

Infamous for Biking in the summer months, Whistler Bike park is world famous and rightly so. It’s little known more mellow counterpart however, the valley trail also boasts 42km of paved paths meandering through the many neighborhoods and lakesides sitting on Whistler’s valley floor, something Pablo enjoyed and used extensively to check out the sights in particular the lakes. Accompanied by WAS staff member Diane Riley, Pablo had the chance to canoe, swim and paddleboard on Green and Alta lake, two spectacular (and chilly!) lakes, proving to him that nature is all around you to be enjoyed in Whistler.

Whistler wouldn’t be Whistler without its diverse and accessible entertainment. The summer months in Whistler not only provide restaurant patios with a view of the Alpenglow on the Mountaintops but a weekly free music concert in the Olympic Plaza, centre of the village. Pablo was blown away by the accessibility and quality of dining, entertainment and retail opportunities Whistler has to offer.

Pablo, commented visiting WAS and Whistler village was an extraordinary experience demonstrating first hand why Whistler should be top on both agents and students ‘must-do’ list.

Agent events will be held throughout the year by Whistler Adventure School, with varying activities and options. More details will become available once they are confirmed, be the agent that can provide your student with first hand (and enviable!) experience. After all as Pablo explains, “Whistler is a place full of magic. It doesn’t matter if you come in winter or summer, this place has always something to offer.”


Photo credit and quotes: Pablo Quinteros