5 Game Changing Tips to Choosing the Right


Your Perfect Career Fit. Your Perfect Career School.

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So you’re graduating from highschool. So why do you have this knot in your stomach? Are you immersed in a career that’s not inspiring you? Why are you staying?

Maybe it’s time for a career change or for that matter, a life change.

After talking to many of our international students, we’ve drilled down how they made their decision to fly thousands of miles, and relocate their home to go to school here at Whistler Adventure School located in Whistler, Canada. We hope our 5 tips will help you to evaluate the kind of school that will help you make your choice. Remember, “Not making a choice is STILL making a choice”. Make sure what you are doing now, you are choosing to do it and not just getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

1. How to Know when… It’s Time to Shake it Up.

Do you want to learn something TOTALLY new? Do you have a passion for something outside the traditional school curriculum? Then perhaps your path leads to a Career School.

In today’s career scope, The Balance Career states:

“The average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life according to career change statistics. With an ever increasing number of different career choices on offer, approximately 30% of the total workforce will now change jobs every 12 months.”

Our advice, follow your passion! If you get really excited about hanging off a cliff, then maybe you are a rock climber, or taking high activity shots, maybe a videographer. Don’t get stuck into the stereotypical roles just because you feel you need to move forward. We have many students who come for passion and then find their ideal path – and they are excited about it!

Hear what our students have to say about Whistler Adventure School!
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2. Are you a Traveller? Look into Career Schools Abroad.

Do you love experience different cultures and ways of doing things? Or do you want to improve your English skills? Or maybe you just flat out need a change. Then start looking at schools in cities where you’d like to live or expand your travel knowledge. Search keywords with the city in the search bar, such as “Whistler + Career School”. Many career schools offer the opportunity to work and study in their city. Ask them about what work visas they offer with the school program.
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3. Work and Life Balance. What Lifestyle Inspires you?Tourism Whistler

Think about where you would like to live. Are you an ocean person? Then maybe Australia might be your place. Or perhaps you love the mountain, then Whistler may be your path. Every city or town has their own vibe and Whistler has theirs. Choose one that fits yours!


A bit about Whistler, if you like events, whether it be athletic or cultural this not so sleepy mountain town and has many signature events that could inspire you through your journey! Whistler events such as the Grand Fondo bike race or maybe a Tough Mudder boot camp obstacle course may suit your kinda town?  Or experience the Whistler culture or art festivals led by Tourism Whistler or the Whistler Film Festival. If you are more chill and just want to meet great people, well then you would enjoy Whistler!

This mountain resort town offers culture, beauty and outdoor sports! In the winter you can experience the rush of skiing or snowboarding down the mountain then in the summer enjoy the many types of climbing from bouldering to mountaineering. Perhaps you are more of a biker? Then definitely hit one of the many mountain bike trails surrounding Whistler. A little more adventurous? Then take the gondola up the mountain to experience the exhilaration of downhill biking.

4. What is your passion? You’re career should be something you love!

 It was mentioned earlier but if you don’t LOVE what you’re doing, why are you doing it?  If you’re waiting to finish work everyday to start your life, then you should definitely consider then plan your change.

At Whistler Adventure School, we specialize in 7 different programs inspired by Whistler Blackcomb Mountain then evolved into the programs that are in most demand.

5. Work and Play? Are you Interested in working during your schooling?

 Many career schools offer the flexibility to take classes, mostly in the evening, allowing you a day job and time to experience this new lifestyle you are experiencing. So, when you’re looking at a career school to attend, make sure to take a glance at their local newspaper (many are online) so you can see if the jobs they are offering appeal to you. Our local paper is The Pique.

With our Guiding Programs they must be taught during the day, however we try to condense the classes in a short time period, where you work your buns off then your done for a bit. 🙂

What about a Co-op Opportunity?

Co-op options are a great opportunity to practice your new skills in a real-life environment. Whistler Adventure School students can start work almost immediately in their field.  Whistler is known for constantly having a high need for employment, especially in the mountain resort jobs, so our skilled students are a blessing for the local employers!

With Whistler Adventure School, you can start your co-op while you take the program. You need to have completed some of the courses to provide you with the knowledge and skills to ensure you can do the job. Ask your Whistler Adventure School advisor about how it can work for you.

Or drop us an email at info@whistleradventureschool.com, we’d love to provide you with any information you need to help you make your decision.